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Jasper 28

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What a year this has been—for both Folkwinds and my own personal grown.

Jasper 28 captures all the growth I’ve experienced this year, and puts it in a glass bottle.

Invest in simplicity. Strip back needless complication and bloat.

In Jasper 28, the remnants of the Jasper no Kodo co-extraction were blended with simpler, higher quality materials.

The cleanest wild Malaysian agarwood distillation I’ve encountered. A ton of it.

A beautifully-incense-laden aged sandalwood.

Crisp and clean hemlock absolute.

Strikingly white frankincense bio-absolute.

All this and nothing more. A composition to meditate on.

And how is it my birthday again already?

50ml, 30% Extrait de Parfum. Only two bottles made.

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