Cloud Illusions 

"All I can say is #Oneiros. The personification of a dream. Something I didn’t search for and didn’t know I needed. In Cloud Illusions I found an efervescent blast of #blueberriesright at the top. I love the smell of blueberries. Back home, they are super expensive - so for me to get blueberries as a treat was a once in the year kind of thing, but I always loved the smell. Sweet, tart - a bubblegum characteristic barely found in perfumes I have tried/sampled. A lot, and I mean, a lot of smooth #iris accompanied by what seems will be a staple and present #whiteambergris. I can’t get over the orris, orris butter, iris, more iris found in here. It plays really well with the tart blueberries. The #bluecypress carries the #evergreensmell and sweetness it usually does but adds a crispiness to the scent itself that the others don’t have. I love #bluecypress. The sweet, fruity, and woody aroma accompanied by the crispiness and tart-y bubblegum, whoa! It feels like an aromatherapy session while walking through a mountain passage to the skies. The orris butter, suede-like quality of violets that amp up the presence of the blueberries and ambergris. I will be spending a lot of time with this one this week and the foreseeable future. I am extremely happy to say all three scents offer something complety dynamic and unique to an already enourmous catalog of indie and artisanal perfumery. They all touch on different aspects, and the perfumer will only keep getting better. The aesthetics are also top notch. +10 for the merit badge look!' -Carlos 

"A green mentholated woody aromatic that conjures up walking on a misty Spring morning along a Pacific Northwest American mountain trail. The scent opens with notes of cypress, mint and blueberries. The heart is mostly orris and a slight bubblegum like accord. The scent settles on a powdery base of musk, ambergris and sandalwood. Like other offerings of the brand, an evocative olfactory mostly natural rendering of an American landscape. The unisex scent has moderate sillage and good longevity. Needs open minds to appreciate the artistry here. Enjoy!" -Rajesh 

Santi Ana 

"The smell of a Virginia mountain on a crisp Autumn morning this is a nostalgic, natural, outdoorsy and very American woody aromatic scent from this new house. The scent opens with notes of green apple, mint, honeysuckle and rose hip. As it settles, we get notes of tobacco, liatris, hay, and slight spice. The perfume settles on a bed of ambergris, propolis and sandalwood. The masculine leaning scent has moderate to strong sillage and good longevity. Fans of brands like Slumberhouse will find much to admire in this offering which is a refreshing new voice in modern perfumery. It is transportive olfaction designed to take you to memorable places you may or not have been to. Enjoy!" -Rajesh 

Santi Ana by Folkwinds, where to start with this one! Lets begin with saying this is one of the easiest wears and grabs. Its light and airy but at the same time extremely long lasting and diffusive. Really perfect for any season. Opens up with a touch of mint, honeysuckle, and some gorgeous white ambergris with a dash of rose. The Hay is not necessarily noticeable but combines with the tobacco and propolis to add a slight woodsy note to the composition. Finally to round it all off, on the dry down you get this absolutely beautiful caramel apple note that adds the perfect amount of sweet goodness to the blend. Side note Jono and I were sending some testers back and forth earlier this summer and this is one of two scents I brought with me on my honeymoon out of a catalogue of scents. Its so perfect along with the rest of the releases from this house. An absolute banger!" -Matt 

" In the perfumer’s own words: A #Chypre in minor key. No #bergamot, #labdanum, or #oakmoss. I really like the timing and arrival of this one as the summer transition into fall in Northern Virginia and Washington DC takes quite some time… 😅 My initial blast of this felt exactly like when I first sprayed #Indolis a few years ago now. Mint, ambergris, honeysuckle. Diffusions of each note picked by the perfumer fill the air. With a bit of experience you can tell each note apart, something that is quite difficult to do when creating a scent. The hay, a perfect evocation of all things fall in the US (at least for this Puerto Rican dude), reminds me of #Mond and then #Sova, but the spices and #tobacco in here are far different to those two. I managed to find two of my favorite indie perfumers at an intersection here: #Slumberhouse and Areej. I of course never expected this, but heh, this is where we are… The woody aspects in Santi Ana give it a very aromatic chypre twist, the spices tone down, the base becomes #sandalwood, #propolis (honeyed, plant resins, pollen - a vast coniferous forest by the edge of the coast). Another unique take on #Americana ingredients. Quite lovely and intuitive. Thought provoking! Performance with this one is great. Another good piece and addition to any indie collection which lacks some unique pieces." -Carlos 

American Pharoah 

"A musky, slightly boozy woody aromatic named after a champion horse, the scent evokes summer in a Michigan farm in the 19th century laden with cherry trees, horses running around and cigar smoking farmers. The scent opens with notes of cherry wine, vanilla and slight pepper. The heart is tobacco, animal musk and slight rose. The perfume settles on a powdery woody bed of cedar, sandalwood and ambergris. The masculine leaning scent has moderate projection and good longevity. It has a slightly animalic undercurrent that needs open and bold minds to appreciate. Folkwinds perfumes use mostly natural ingredients to create American olfactory landscapes and this is no exception. Enjoy!" -Rajesh 

"The one I thought I would like the most does not dissapoint. #Cherry is one of the hardest aromas to replicate in perfumery, and personally, one of my favorites. The perfumer managed to create a cherry wine note that evokes the perfect late summer in the Eastern part of the United States where I reside. This cherry wine while sweet can touch upon a certain dryness which avoids turning the fragrance into a cocktail of sorts, which I really like - I’ve had enough like those, you know the kind, a fruit cocktail of a fragrance, nice but not unique. This one keeps you interested after the initial blast of that top - accompanied by a musky vanilla that turns slighty animalic at the heart with the tobacco and rose. That animalic heart is certainly different to the animalic take us indieheads see in Ensar, Areej, and other houses. It’s a bolder take on animalics - tamer, but rather adventurous. Without overstepping, the initial shift is very Slumberesque. Quite so I l’d say. The base of sandalwood and cedar give the perfume a subtle but well placed character. My favorite part after the cherry wine is the winning addition of hot #peppers. As a big fan of spicy foods, that sensible top is rocking. To not ramble much longer - this is a very unique fragrance to anything else we have seen from indie releases. The cherry wine, the animalics, the base… it just works! If you are into performance, this does not lack it. " -Carlos
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