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Smuggler's Notch

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Experimental perfumery. All natural.

For a long time now, I've been obsessed with the idea of cohesive, closed-loop perfumery. What I mean by that is the notion of blending materials together which are also extracted together, distilled together, and grown together. This idea is not new; the art of Indian attars most certainly inspires what I'm striving for, and you may have noticed that my first three compositions featured many co-absolutes.

That was the beginning, but here's the bigger picture: a perfume in which the raw materials are blended both pre-extraction and post extraction. Smuggler's notch will feature three main components; a cutting edge CO2 extraction of pre-blended materials, distilled into it; the same materials, functioning as top-notes. and as a base, a home-brewed co-absolute mirroring those materials. Around these components, I will fill the composition out with perfumed accords, featuring mainly absolutes and CO2 extracts. My goal is unity. The scent scape I aim to capture is Smuggler's Notch, a mountain pass in northern Vermont, where smugglers would sneak in alcohol from Canada during the prohibition.

Here's a snapshot of the material's I'll be working with:

Deer Musk and Castoreum
Vermont Honey crisp Apples
Vermont Red Spruce
Vermont Sugar Maple
Toasted American Oak
Hawaiian Sandalwood
Arturo Fuente Hemmingway Cigars
Incense-grade Nha Trang Agarwood
Aged Orris Root Circa-1950
Dark Malted Barley
American Rosa-Ragusa Hips
Wild Grasses

The composition?

Animal Musk, Singed-carmailized-tobacco-and-booze meets crimson-red-apples and bitter-creamy-narcotic-woods.

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