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The Wonderland SOLD OUT

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Enter a world of August ripened peaches and plums poisoned by ivy while awash in white flowers and green mosses. Old growth forests envelop you in dreams of yesterday’s chypres, while glimpses of Mount Rainer overcome your senses with brain-freezing ouds and enchanting musks.

August Peaches and Plums, Nature’s Aldehydes, Deer Musk

An Ocean of Orris, Agarwood, Ivy, Narcissus, Nostalgic Spice

Mosses of a Thousand Colors and A Gallon of Mysore

55% Concentration

$450/ 50m.

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The Wonderland features a handmade peach and plum wine absolute, and was aged sur lees, lending a rounded rich, almost creamed texture to the overall composition.

Bottled at 55% concentration, this wears akin to an attar. Close to the body, yet omnipresent.

Please note, The Wonderland contains Nut Extracts.

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